Protesters Gather As OC Board Of Education Discusses Student Vaccines, Mask Requirements

A group of protesters gathered outside the Orange County Board of Education meeting Wednesday night as members discussed policies for student vaccine and mask requirements for children returning to school.

Video Transcript

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STACEY BUTLER: A large crowd turning out because they heard vaccines would be required for students to return to school.

- We came here to protect the kids.

STACEY BUTLER: Dozens of parents gathered outside the Orange County Board of Education meeting.

- They are looking at lowering the age of kids that can get vaccination without consent, and there's also a rumor-- that's why we're here, nobody wants to talk to us-- that Health Department wants all the kids in OC County vaccinated before they come back to school.

LEIGH DUNDAS: I was also told that the schools were not going to be going back to any sort of normalcy, not doing away with masking, not doing away with social distancing, even though the CDC has now admitted we don't need six feet of social distancing, and not lifting any of the restrictions on sports and things of that nature until all of the kids in Orange County were vaccinated.

So what that says to me, as a lawyer, is that's a de facto mandate. And you cannot hold our children's constitutionally guaranteed right to an education hostage in exchange for bowing down to an experimental vaccine regardless of what age they are.

STACEY BUTLER: Parents lined up to tell the board they don't want their schools to become vaccination sites for anyone, especially students 18 and under.

- I am begging you, as a mom, and a grandmother, and just as a human being, to do your part, to serve the people.

STACEY BUTLER: But a spokesperson for the County Department of Education said neither students nor teachers are required to be vaccinated to return to campus, and the board was not even considering it. He was surprised by the protest.

IAN HANIGAN: Vaccinations continue to be 100% voluntary, and as the state opens up eligibility to 18-year-olds' parental consent would be 100% required. And in fact, anybody under 18 would need to have their parent or guardian with them.

STACEY BUTLER: The OC Department of Education spokesperson told me he's not aware of any Orange County campuses that are currently being used as vaccination sites. In Costa Mesa, Stacey Butler, KCAL 9 News.

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