Protesters Rally, March In Logan Square Against Hate Crimes Targeting Asian-Americans

Chicago's Asian-American community rallied Saturday against hate crimes they say have increased around the country. CBS 2's Steven Graves reports.

Video Transcript

JIM: Chicago's Asian community is rallying against hate crimes they say have increased around the country. CBS 2 Stephen Graves is live in Logan Square, where a protest just wrapped up. Stephen?

STEVEN GRAVES: Hey, Jim. Yeah, we are here at the Logan Square Monument. And we are estimating hundreds of people who came out today really joining this national movement.

- Lives are under attack! What do we do?

- Fight back!

- Stand up!

- Fight back!

STEVEN GRAVES: You can see people holding up signs that say, Stop Asian Hate. That was the theme here as people of all races came out, rallying against racist attacks on the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community nationwide, with that uptick recently and since the pandemic started.

But many people here say the tipping point was this week, when a man targeted spas in the Atlanta area and murdered six Asian women. People here today look at that as a hate crime. I've talked to people who say they are confused and angered. And they consider now as the time to speak up.

ERICA: Asian always be silenced. And we need we need to talk and we need to tell everybody this cannot happen again. Just like this is unfair. This is racist. And this is not should happen in this world.

STEVEN GRAVES: And this big turnout happened just because of three Chicago women who organized this rally. Chicago police have said they do not know of any specific hate crimes in the Chicago area but they have said they have stepped up security in the Asian-American community. Reporting live in Logan Square, Stephen Graves, CBS 2 news. Jim?

JIM: Stephen, thank you.