Protesters storm Tesla store in China after price cuts

STORY: Video showed crowds chanting outside the shop. Some Tesla owners in China who took delivery in recent months expressed anger on social media that they did not qualify for the reduced prices.

Tesla also cut prices on its best-selling Model Y and Model 3 electric vehicles in Japan, South Korea and Australia in what a person with direct knowledge of the plan said was part of an effort to help stoke demand for output from its Shanghai factory, its single largest production hub.

The shift is the first major move by Tesla since appointing its lead executive for China and Asia, Tom Zhu, to oversee global output and deliveries that have been at the heart of the company's recent challenges after falling short of its 2022 delivery target.

Reuters was able to verify the location of the protest video by matching the features of the store and its surroundings visible in the video, with features of the store and its surroundings visible on Baidu Maps and in social media posts on Chinese social media app DianPing.

Reuters confirmed the current location of the store, which cannot be seen on Baidu Map’s Panorama feature or on Google maps, by speaking to employees of the store. Reuters was not independently able to verify the date on which the video and the pictures were shot.