Protests Ensue In Forney After Police Chief's Firing

A rally is underway in Forney at this hour to protest the firing of the city’s police chief.

Video Transcript

- Let's talk about the infighting happening in Forney now. This is where the city manager has fired the police chief of that city. And today, the chief's supporters have rallied outside of city hall. Our JD Myles explains the entire controversy all new at 4:30.

JD MYLES: Well, a handful of Forney residents are out here at this hour dressed in blue to not only show their support for the former chief but also to call for the firing of the city manager.

MICA LUNT: Everything was going really well.

JD MYLES: Mica Lunt says he never expected last month's winter weather to set in motion a series of events that would end up costing him his job.

MICA LUNT: You know, I certainly had some signs that things were not going well after that.

JD MYLES: The former Forney police chief authorized treating ice-covered parking lots of three major supermarkets during the February storms.

MICA LUNT: In particular, we had an elderly lady who fell, hit her head, had to be transported.

JD MYLES: It Drew the ire of city manager Tony Carson, who admonished him for the decision because the parking lots were private property.

MICA LUNT: He was not pleased with that decision. And, you know, when he called me and told me that, I apologized to him.

JD MYLES: Lunt filed a workplace harassment complaint with the city.

MICA LUNT: This was important because it was a matter of public safety.

JD MYLES: The city manager told the mayor and city council that Lunt filed a baseless grievance and to continue his poor decision making actively recruited City of Forney employees for his cause. Last week, the city manager placed the chief on administrative leave, and then days later, fired him. Today, supporters of the former chief gathered outside City Hall to stage a protest.

Forney's mayor has publicly supported Lunt, calling the firing a terrible decision, while the Forney Economic Development Corporation says it's having trouble finding a new director because the city manager has created a, quote, "atmosphere of intimidation." The city manager declined an interview request through the city of Forney. Michael Lunt still wants his job back and believes it's possible either through a city council vote or a potential lawsuit.

MICA LUNT: I think that the citizens, the folks that I worked with every day, would very much like to have me back. And I would like to be back in that role continuing to serve.

JD MYLES: In Forney, JD Myles, CBS 11 News.