Protests erupt as Rittenhouse found not guilty

Protesters marched across the Brooklyn Bridge on Friday and other cities across America as Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty for a fatal shooting at a racial justice protest last year.

The 18 year old Rittenhouse broke down sobbing earlier on Friday as he was acquitted of all charges related to the shooting, including two counts of homicide and one count of attempted homicide for wounding a third man.

The shooting took place last August, in the midst of civil unrest after police shot and paralyzed a Black man named Jacob Blake.

Blake's uncle Justin condemned the Rittenhouse verdict outside the Wisconsin courtroom on Friday, and demanded Jacob's case be reopened.

"The DOJ under Democratic president said it was okay to shoot a young man seven times in the back in front of his three children, paralyzing him to this day. And I'm telling you, Joe Biden, we're coming for you."

Just a few blocks away from the courthouse, about a dozen people attended a prayer vigil led by local pastor Monica Cummings, who said the community would need to come together in the verdict's aftermath.

"Profoundly disappointed, sad, angry, crying, grieving and also looking to the future. Like okay, we've got work to do. And at the top of the list is healing. Our community can now begin the long process of healing and looking at how we want to be as a community together."

Several dozen protesters faced heavy law enforcement presence as they lined the steps outside the courthouse after the verdict was read.

Some carried placards supporting Rittenhouse while others expressed their disappointment, ending a trial that has further polarized the country over contentious issues related to race and gun rights.

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