Protests near Minneapolis after police shooting

A curfew was declared in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota after a police shooting and protests on Sunday night. Police say officers tried to arrest a man during a traffic stop, but the man drove off. An officer shot the man, who crashed and died. (April 12)

Video Transcript

JOHN HARRINGTON: Our early reports was that one officer had fired a weapon, striking the driver. The vehicle continued and eventually crashed, and medical resources were then deployed to the scene to aid the people in both the vehicle that was crashed into and the original group. The driver of the vehicle was deceased. There were reports of crowds, 100 to 200, that were marching toward the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

As we understand it and from both our own reports and media reports, we saw rocks and other objects thrown at the police department. There were reports of shots fired in the area of the police department. A secondary group was, we heard, was at the Shingle Creek mall or business center, and we have reports of approximately 20 businesses that were broken into. A crowd at the Brooklyn Center Police Department has dispersed largely.

There are still some pockets of individuals that are out and about, and that area is being controlled largely by the West Metro Command supported by Minneapolis, [? Hennepin ?] County, and state patrol and DNR. We also have staff that are assembled at the Shingle Creek shopping center, and we are mobilizing Minnesota National Guard and others at the request of local authorities.