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Protests And Pain After Killing Of Daunte Wright

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Just as Derek Chauvin's murder trial continues in the killing of George Floyd, another death of a Black man at the hands of police is sparking outrage from coast-to-coast, including here in New York City. CBS2's John Dias has the latest.

Video Transcript

- Just as the murder trial for the killing of George Floyd continues, another death of a Black man at the hands of police is sparking outrage from coast-to-coast.

- And that includes here in the city, where protests over the death of Daunte Wright took place last night. The Manhattan bridge was shut down, and a group also attempted to cross the George Washington Bridge. CBS2's John Dias joins us live from the Lower East Side with more. John?

JOHN DIAS: Yeah, good morning to both of you. It was night two of protests in Minnesota. Witnesses there saying that they saw some protesters throwing fireworks as well as bottles at police officers. Those officers then responding with tear gas. Minnesota officers telling us that in total about five businesses were burglarized. Nearly 40 people were arrested. Back here in New York, though, things are a whole lot calmer. According to the NYPD, one woman was arrested. But all of these protesters sharing the same passion for change.

- You're in violation of an unlawful assembly.

JOHN DIAS: It was a night of unrest. From Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, where police fired tear gas into unruly crowds disobeying curfew, to Brooklyn, New York, where protesters rallied in the rain.

- Say his name!

- Daunte Wright!

JOHN DIAS: Crowds temporarily shut down the Manhattan bridge and tried to cross the George Washington Bridge.

- It's just numbing. Just a numb pain.

- It's just another symptom of a system that's broken. Until we address that, we're going to be forever living this Groundhog Day.

JOHN DIAS: Tensions have exploded after the shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop on Sunday. Body cam video shows Brooklyn Center police tried to handcuff Wright after officers learned of a warrant for his arrest. He then tries to get back into his car.

- I'll tase you.

JOHN DIAS: But instead of firing a taser, the officer fires her gun.

- Taser! Taser! Taser! Holy [BLEEP]! I just shot him.

- You shot him?

- Yes.

JOHN DIAS: Wright crashed the car a few blocks away and died at the scene. Wright's mother says her son called her as he was getting pulled over.

KATIE WRIGHT: A minute later I called and his girlfriend answered, which was the passenger in the car, and said that he'd been shot.

JOHN DIAS: The police chief said the officer confused her gun with her taser.

MARIA HABERFELD: When stressed, your peripheral vision is impaired up to 70%. So I can see how she didn't even know that she was holding a gun and not a taser.

JOHN DIAS: Professor of Police Science Dr. Maria Haberfield specializes in police training. She tells CBS2's Ali Bauman, on average, police have 120 hours of training in use of force but less than 10 hours of training in communication skills.

MARIA HABERFELD: This is why they are so quick to resort to use of force. They're not trained to achieve compliance in any other way.

JOHN DIAS: The police officer who fired the fatal shot has been identified as Kim Potter, a 26-year veteran of the force. She has been placed on leave pending an investigation. President Biden said there is no excuse for violence.

PRESIDENT BIDEN: Question is, was it an accident? Was it intentional? That remains to be determined by a full-blown investigation.

JOHN DIAS: And the Brooklyn Center Mayor is saying that he does support releasing this officer of her duties. He has already fired the city manager, he says. And effective immediately, he has taken control of the police department. We are live this morning from the Lower East Side. John Dias, CBS2 News.

- John, thank you.