Proud Boy Christopher Worrell arrested at his home, Collier Sheriff's Office confirms

Naples resident Christopher Worrell, convicted for his part in Jan. 6 Capitol riot, has been arrested at his home by the FBI, a Collier County Sheriff's Office spokesperson confirmed Thursday night.

The sheriff's office assisted the FBI with the warrant. When it was served, Worrell was home.

A look at Worrell's home: A look at Christopher Worrell's Naples, Florida home, where he was caught, arrested

Worrell, a member of the Proud Boys extremist group, went missing in August just as he was about to face sentencing for multiple crimes he committed during the riot. He was found guilty in May. Prosecutors had asked for a sentence that includes 14 years in prison, fines and other conditions.

Among other violations, Worrell was accused of assaulting law enforcement officers with pepper spray.

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This article originally appeared on Fort Myers News-Press: Christopher Worrell: Proud Boy, part of Jan. 6 Capitol riot, arrested