Pruett resigns as Democratic Committee Chair

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Aug. 5—GREENSBURG — Decatur County Democrat Central Committee Chair Mimi Pruett has tendered her resignation.

Pruett served on the committee for 25 years before serving as Vice-Chair under Al Moore and Dr. Hank Martin. Martin resigned his post in March 2020, a year prior to completion of his second term, when Pruett was selected as the party chair via a caucus.

She announced her candidacy for the state legislature earlier this year.

In her resignation letter, Pruett wrote: "My focus must be on my career and on my legislative campaign ... those must be my priorities."

Pruett will remain a Precinct Committee Chairperson and a regular party volunteer as long as she is able, while tending to her campaign.

Pruett continued: "My resignation will become effective as soon as a new chairperson is elected at an upcoming caucus held in August arranged by the remaining members of the Central Committee."

When asked for comment, Decatur County Democrat Central Committee Treasurer Ryan Maddux said, "Mimi Pruett has been a fixture in Democratic circles for years and has been involved with our local Executive Committee for 25+ years. She will be missed, but we understand that at this moment, and with a campaign of her own, that she needs to focus her efforts on her campaign and other commitments. We wish her the best of luck and hope she's victorious in November. With what's going on at the Statehouse, it's imperative that we need more Democrats in Indianapolis to accurately reflect the will of Hoosier voters. As her friend and member of the Decatur County Democrat Central Committee, I want to reiterate our gratitude for her leadership during her various terms of service. We wish her nothing but the best."

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