PS5 Restock: Where to Buy the Hard-to-Find Console Without Spending a Fortune

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Have you been trying to get your hands on a PlayStation5? The search alone can be stressful, especially with chip shortages hampering production and the growing number of retailers that sell Sony’s hard-to-get console. Thankfully, there are a few different retailers such as Amazon and Walmart that have PS5 consoles available right now, while others — like Best Buy — will likely be restocking at some point.

To make the search easier, we put together a list of a few places where you can purchase a PS5 online. The consoles can run you anywhere from the $500 list price up to $1,200. Keep reading for more details, links and pricing information.

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PS5 consoles restocks tend to sell out extremely fast at Amazon (and everywhere else, to be honest). For gamers who have been waiting to snag a console for $500, Amazon is offering customers an option to sign up for a chance to buy a PS5 at the regular retail price.

PS5 Console (Available by Invitation Only at Amazon)


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Unfortunately, the invite-only option doesn’t guarantee that you will secure the console, as not all requests will be granted. However, exclusive offers allow Amazon to ensure that as many “genuine customers as possible” can buy an item that is in high-demand. If you are selected to purchase, you will receive an email when the PS5 is available. For those who don’t want to go that route, there are other PS5 consoles available on Amazon but they’re marked up to over $900.


Walmart launched a members-only PS5 restock back in February, and it sold out within hours, which means the price went right back up. On the plus side, you can currently find a PS5 console at Walmart for less than $750.

PS5 Console (Walmart)


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When restocks sell out, the going price for PS5 consoles can cost hundreds more than you would usually pay. Because there are no regular-priced PS5s at Best Buy and other retailers, we searched for some of the cheaper options. Stock X, for example, has consoles for around $605 and up, which is a bit cheaper than some of the other websites. Ebay is another resource for PS5 consoles for $500 and up.

PS5 Console (StockX)


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If you’re comfortable with high price points, Daily Steals has a PS5 with an extra controller for $960.99 (down from $1,029.99). For those willing to spend a little extra, check out this PS5 bundle at ($1,148.96) that includes three games, accessories and more.

Bundles are another way to ensure that you get a console — and maybe even save a little on the back end. Walmart has several bundles, like this PS5 Disc Version Console with gaming headset bundle ($899), this Sony Playstation 5 Disc Version Console with Pro Gamer Starter Pack Bundle ($779), or this PlayStation 5 Games Bundle: Disc Version Console with Wireless Controller with The Last of Us Remastered, God of War  and Ghost Of Tsushima games ($849.99).

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