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A Guide on How to Find Coupons on AmazonBetsy Farrell

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Every once in a while during our Amazon shopping, we come across a product with a small orange flag underneath the price, waving at us to say "Apply Coupon". As home-obsessed shopping editors, there’s nothing we love more than watching the price drop after entering a promo code. So you can imagine our delight when we discovered Amazon coupons—a major secret that has changed our lives (and our carts) for the better. Yes, Amazon has an entire online enclave dedicated solely to coupons to help you save on select purchases.

The under-the-radar coupons offer discounts across seemingly every category. From vacuum cleaners to sheets sets, there are a lot of worthwhile products on sale, courtesy of the little-known coupon page. Did we mention it changes nearly every day? So if there’s something you’ve had your eye on that’s not yet on sale, don’t lose hope.

Amazon's incredible sales paired with its enormous product inventory make it a super efficient shopping station. Covering luxury home goods, TikTok picks, plus outlet and warehouse deals, Amazon keeps making it even easier for avid bargain hunters to score good deals. The secret coupons page joins the list in easy ways to save while shopping.

How to Find Coupons on Amazon?

All of the Amazon coupons are on the landing page. Embrace the nostalgia of coupon clipping, storing them in your purse, and proudly handing them to the cashier at your favorite stores. Similar to the old days, pre-Internet, Amazon coupons also require clipping, though the online process doesn’t take nearly as long as the real thing used to. Here’s how it works: Once you “clip” the coupon (read: clicking a button), the coupon will automatically save to your account, and the discount will apply at checkout.

If you’re in the market for some new kitchen appliances or bedding, simply peruse the coupon landing page, but if you’re on the hunt for something specific, we’d suggest making a habit of exploring coupons before making your purchase.

Can anyone use the coupons?

Though anyone with an Amazon account can access the coupons page, Prime members get special discounts, so if you haven’t graduated to a Prime membership yet, now is your chance. Not only can you score more deals, but you can also get them in the mail much faster. Those with an affinity for Amazon are likely all about instant gratification, so embrace your impatience with a Prime membership.

The Best Amazon Coupons to shop Now

Shop Amazon Coupons by Category

If you’re just shopping around with no specific direction in mind, you may feel a bit overwhelmed upon digitally stepping onto Amazon’s coupon page, so we’ve taken the liberty of bookmarking our favorite sections to make shopping (and saving) easier.

Do Amazon coupons expire?

Sadly, yes. The Amazon coupons page is marked with a disclaimer stating that “coupons are valid for a limited time only.” However, unlike traditional coupons, which are printed with an expiration date, their digital counterparts don’t come with a specific date. Instead, when they’re nearing the date, they’re moved to a section appropriately dubbed “Expiring Soon,” which appears at the top of the coupon homepage.

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