Psaki declines to give Trump credit on vaccines

White House press secretary Jen Psaki isn't giving former President Donald Trump any credit for his administration's early vaccine efforts, saying the progress was a "Herculean incredible effort by science and by medical experts." (March 12)

Video Transcript

- Does former President Trump not deserve any credit on vaccines?

JEN PSAKI: Well, the president himself and many people in our administration have conveyed that having, making the progress that was made-- and we've said this publicly-- that was made on these vaccines was a herculean and credible effort by science and by medical experts. And certainly we have applauded that in the past. And we were happy to applaud that again.

But I would say there is a clear difference. And there are clear steps that have been taken since the president took office that have put us on a trajectory that we were not on when he was inaugurated. And leadership starts at the top. It includes mask wearing. It includes acknowledging there's a pandemic. It includes getting a vaccine in public.

But even more importantly than that, it includes putting in place an operational process that can ensure that we have enough vaccines to vaccinate Americans, enough vaccinators, and enough vaccine locations. None of that was in place when the president took office. Americans are looking for facts. They're looking for details. They're looking for specifics. And I don't think they're worried too much about applause from six months ago when the president has already delivered that publicly.