Pseudo-referendum: Mayor of Melitopol promises collaborators a polygraph and a prison sentence

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Ivan Fedorov, mayor of temporarily occupied Melitopol in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, has stated again that assisting occupation authorities in holding an illegal pseudo-referendum is a criminal offence.

Source: Fedorov on Telegram

Quote: "Homeschoolers, quartermasters, members of pseudo-election commissions – all those who help the occupiers organise and conduct the referendum inevitably face criminal liability: imprisonment for up to 10 years with confiscation of property.

Today, the enemy says that ‘not everyone will be sentenced to prison and there is no evidence’. However, there is evidence. And we record all your actions to know who is helping the invaders. Criminal cases will be opened and no amnesty will be provided here.

Melitopol will be de-occupied. And all those who helped the invaders will have to pass a polygraph. And you can't deceive it."

Details: According to Fedorov, daily, by e-mail (, Melitopol authorities are informed of who is now playing along with occupation authorities, believing that there will be no accountability.

"In vain! All your surnames are already known. So think: you have sold your homeland or you will stay with your homeland," the mayor said.

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