Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator Spends Quarantine Finding Lost Pets

MYSTIC, Conn., Aug. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Nancy Mello isn't your average psychic. Besides reading humans, she also has the unique ability to read and find lost pets. In the last seven months, she has found 6 lost dogs and 1 cat, all from just a photo and a location of where the pet was last seen. But Nancy didn't intend to help find missing pets.

"Back in March I received a message on social media late one night from a family that was missing their diabetic dog," said animal intuitive and psychic medium clairvoyant Nancy Mello. "I had lost my own dog before, and I knew how heart wrenching it could be. So, I decided to try to help." Oliver the black Maltese Yorkie Mix from Islip, Long Island was in dire shape. "I could see him under something with his leg stuck so he couldn't get out."

Nancy immediately relayed the information to Oliver's family,the next morning, she surveyed a map of where Oliver was lost, and immediately something caught her eye."I saw a dirt road and a shed. I had sensed a dirt road earlier, so I knew this had to be it." said Nancy.

She circled the location on Google maps and sent it to Oliver's family. It was a location they had briefly checked out before. Trusting Nancy's instincts, they walked back over. "When they arrived, there was Oliver, sitting next to a shed with his leg laying in an odd position, dazed" said Nancy. Oliver's family rushed him to the emergency vet, where Oliver was diagnosed with a dislocated leg and ketosis from his diabetes, where he stayed for 2 days healing up. The vet said without medical intervention, Oliver had only another hour before he would have succumbed to his injuries.

Since 2019, Nancy has helped hundreds of human and animal clients with psychic readings, and has found her new-found calling in helping find lost pets an added bonus in helping pets. "Since helping with Oliver, word has gotten around that I have this ability to get pets home." In fact, she helped find 2 dogs within three days of each other the first week of August. One in Wilkes-Barre, PA, the other in Weymouth, MA. "I am truly honored to help" says Nancy.

For further information, or to schedule an interview contact Nancy Mello or 1-860-829-9444.


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