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Public Memorial For George Floyd In Minneapolis Being Dismantled

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A public memorial for George Floyd in Minneapolis has been dismantled to allow for traffic to begin moving through the area; Christiane Cordero reports for CBS2.

Video Transcript

- A public Memorial for George Floyd in Minneapolis has been dismantled to allow for traffic to begin moving through that area.

- It's just been a little more than a year since Floyd was killed by a police officer and the decision has some activists feeling blindsided. CBS 2's Christian Cordero reports.

- Bulldozers drove through George Floyd's square removing barricades, artwork, and flowers. The work to reopen traffic at the intersection began overnight unbeknownst to many community members.

- I got up to do my morning yoga. And I was changing the laundry, and I looked out the window, and I saw everything. This was not-- absolutely, was not knowing about.

- Many of the locals have since been at the intersection in an effort to protect the Memorial. Others set up makeshift barriers, re-closing the streets to cars. Some scuffles broke out and crews with the Minneapolis public works department temporarily left the scene. Protesters say they won't leave until the city meets their demands, which include investments in jobs and affordable housing.

- They're not trying to drive a car through here. They're trying to delete history. But will not let them delete history.

- It was here, a little more than a year ago that Floyd was killed at the hands of police and it has become a gathering location for mourners.

- You go to people funerals and memorials, and tell them Oh, God done, move around. But if you don't move around, we're going to go bulldozer it.

- Officials here in Minneapolis said that they tried to include the community in conversations about how to reopen this intersection. You can see what they have planned right indicating by that sign that this will turn into a roundabout protecting that Memorial at the center yet making it a functional street once again.

The city's mayor is working with a community group known as Agape. Agape and the mayor know they have to rebuild trust.

- We just let it ride and do what we've always been doing out there. It's to ease it in and then to make something happen easily with everybody being involved.

- We certainly have a lot of work to do. We've a lot of trust to rebuild as well and we intend to do so.

- The group says it plans to make the garden at the center of the intersection smaller so buses and fire trucks can get through. And it plans to carefully preserve the cards and artwork honoring Floyd that have now been removed. Christiane Cordero for CBS News, Minneapolis.

- And Minneapolis police are not involved in the effort to open the intersection to traffic.