Public Record: Muskingum County Real Estate Transfers

Dec. 13

2122 Steven and Katherine Ervin to Valeriy and Yelena Skarzhinets, 1865 Newark Road, Zanesville, $925,000

2123 Church of the Nazarene to Darryle and Becky Moody, 34 Second St., Roseville, $35,000

2124 Douglas Ray to Encore Holdings LLC, 262 Corwin Ave., Zanesville, $85,000

2125 Derrick Moorehead to Callie Lee, 1830 Chandlersville Road, Zanesville, $168,500

2126 Schlabach Builders Ltd. to Brian Fulks and Julie Stashonsky, 6840 Heritage Run Drive, Zanesville, $358,979

2127 Y City Construction to Dream Tree Housing, 936 Indiana St. and 838 Nancy Ave., Zanesville, $30,000

2128 Matthew and Elyse Luburgh to Matthew 1618 LLC, 2950 Pinkerton Road, Zanesville, $255,000

2129 Jack Barnett to David Anderson and Natalie Pritchard, 633 Schaum Ave., Zanesville, $39,000

2130 Kirkbride's Dream LLC to CMDJ Property Management LLC, 2655 North Linden Ave., Zanesville, $60,000

2131 Flip Flop Enterprises LLC to Steven Huff, 3025 North River Road, Zanesville, $113,000

2132 Megann Knapp (Jackoby) to Austin Devolld, 6095 Southview Drive, Nashport, $221,000

2133 Jeffery Jr. and Michelle Sandbrink to Janoc Properties LLC, 17 Ceramic Ave., Zanesville, $41,500

2134 Tacie Thorne (Omen) to Mollie George and Joseph Francis, 1909 Wilmer St., Zanesville, $144,900

2135 Brian Fulks to Valerie Ellenwood, 330 E. Highland Drive, Zanesville, $174,900

2136 Jeffrey and Cynthia Spires to Megan Johnson, 430 Taylor St., Zanesville, $178,000

2137 Andrew Body to Amber Herron, 435 Westview Drive, Zanesville, $187,900

2138 Randall Willett to Kevin and Suellen Sicard, Lot 41, Linvale Estates II, Academy Court, Nashport, $38,000

Dec. 14

2139 Lucy 1956 LLC to David and Jacquelyn Vascura, 26 East Main St., New Concord, $110,000

2140 Jay Colling to Daniel Hilty II, 310 Mill St., Duncan Falls, $50,000

2141 Edward and Cynthia Paas to Greg Triplett, 211 N. Gray St., Zanesville, $72,000

2142 Edwin and In Halsey to Donald Robbins Jr. and Dorothy Beach, 5695 Ream St., Roseville, $52,600

2143 Donald and Marsha McBride to Shane and Jackie Lefevre, 20 Cass St., Dresden, $250,000

2144 Alex Robbins to John and Lois LeGarth, 315 Grantcliff Road, Zanesville, $210,000

2145 Matthew and Kathryn Stocking to John Stoner III and Nazara Taylor, 54 S. Liberty St., New Concord, $129,900

2146 Eagle Crest Ltd. to Jeff and Susan Beam, 1260 Stonington Place, Zanesville, $451,500

2147 Cooper Ridge Homes LLC to Brian Pierce, 73 Beechrock Drive, Zanesville, $76,000

2148 Stephen Zinn Jr. and Amy Kulow to Robert Ruggiero and Kara Miller, 10715 Claysville Road, Chandlersville, $110,000

2149 Patricia Kennedy to Mark Kennedy, 1555 Ridge Road, Zanesville, $50,000

2150 Sandra Barnes (Rucker) to Rachelle Carr, 7196 Lower Kroft Road. Mount Perry, $204,000

Dec. 15

2151 Countrytyme Land Specialists Ltd. to Wray X3 Properties LLC, 20.01 acres, Blue Rock Church Road, Chandlersville, $122,000

Dec. 16

2152 Marie Hanna to William and Patricia Hanna, 4020 Lower Bloomfield Road, New Concord, $275,000

2153 Brian Fulks to April and Shane Groves, 3110 Brookside Drive, Zanesville, $170,000

2154 Lynn and Andrea Mansfield to Lydia Maung, 1002 Eastward Circle, Zanesville, $200,000

2155 Rebekah Adams to Ruby and Daniel Rimling, 7975 Old River Road, Philo, $120,000

2156 Charles and Sherri Hand to Joshua and Briane Eick, 6400 Winter Wood Drive, Nashport, $384,000

2157 Andy Ankrom to Derek and Amber Carnes, 615 Indiana St., Zanesville, $47,000

2158 Diana Caton to Brent and Valerie Kemble, 725 Military Road, Zanesville, $44,800

2159 Zachary Tucker to CMDJ Property Management LLC, 457 Schaum Ave., Zanesville, $45,000

2160 Jeanne Echelberry to Loni Hunt, 210 Westview Drive, New Concord, $175,000

2161 Whitney and Brady Lewis to Makenna and Chase Bash, 3976 Newark Road, Zanesville, $195,000

Dec. 17

2162 Shawn and Robin Good to Tiffany A. Shaver and Loran R. Wisecarver, 23.79 acres, Crock Road, Roseville, $115,000

2163 Ronald E. and Suzanne Lynn to Deborah Sue and Timothy Nelson McGraw, 12.44 acres, Marshall Hill Drive, Zanesville, $18,000

2164 Timothy and Brandi A. Mahon to Sheri and James Mahon, 1719 Potts Lane, Zanesville, $120,000

2165 Kathleen Miracle to Thomas L. Bash II, 22.209 and 14.209 acre splits, Main Street and Crock Road, Zanesville, $61,627.24

Property Transfers Exempt from Conveyance Fees

Dec. 13

E1320 Dana B. Stoneking, Beth C. Stoneking and Beverly S. Myers to Dana C. and Jewell Stoneking, 3285 Okey Road, Chandlersville

E1321 Brenda Langley to Kevin and Brenda Langley, 10.2093 acres, Sidle Road, Hopewell

E1322 Heather R. Bowden to Jerome D. Bowden, 5870 Adamsville Otsego Road, Adamsville

E1323 Terry R. Bell to Cherie M. Hopkins, Six miscellaneous parcels, Zanesville

E1324 Robert Miller III and Kinda Miller Raeson to Michael Charles Miller, 8.02 acre split, Macedonia Road, Hopewell

E1325 Robert III and Kinda Miller to Melissa Miller, 7.25 acres, Macedonia Road, Hopewell

Dec. 14

E1326 Mary Snyder to Tina and Hiroyuki Matsuno, 375 Broadview Ave., Zanesville

E1327 Countrytyme Land Specialist Ltd. to Countrytyme Realty LLC, 14 miscellaneous acre splits, Hoop Pole Road, Roseville

E1328 Garry Sudduth to Debra Sudduth, 3080 Newark Road, Zanesville

E1329 Marjorie Archer to John and Laura Archer, 4040 Redbud Road, Dresden

E1330 Charles Guttery to Sandra Guttery, 2842 McFarland Drive, Zanesville

E1331 Dorothy Miller to Paul and Jo Miller, 1060 Osborn Road, Zanesville

E1332 Helen Layman to Stephen Layman and John Layman, 13020 Jay Layman Drive, New Concord

E1333 Dorothy Miller to Scott and Diane Miller, 1067 Osborn Road, Zanesville

E1334 Beverly and Nathaniel Jones Jr. to Wanda Jones, 437 Hedgewood Ave., Zanesville

Dec. 15

E1335 Michael and Patti Wilgus to Jason and Meloney Wilgus, 3330 Kearns Drive, Zanesville

E1336 David Magers to Patricia McMillen, 826 Convers Ave., Zanesville

E1337 David Magers to Patricia McMillen, 172 Lincoln Lane, New Concord

E1338 James McGreevy to Brian McGreevy, 2945 Jacks Fairway, Nashport

E1339 Robert Stotts Sr. to Wilma Stotts, 155 Bryan Drive, Zanesville

E1340 Joshua Hatfield to Joshua Hatfield, 5235 Cutler Lake Road, Blue Rock

E1341 Ron Gibson to Kemenlin Gibson, 1015 Stonington Place, Zanesville

Dec. 16

E1342 Leroy Viney Jr. to Leroy Jr. and Adam Viney, 20.004 acres, Porter Run Road, Roseville

E1343 Diane Potts to Robert Potts, 1129 Lindbergh Ave., Zanesville

E1344 Wilma Stotts to Robert Stotts, 155 Bryan Drive, Zanesville

Dec. 17

E1345 Kaylee Bash to Hunter Schmidt, 941 Francis St., Zanesville

E1346 Donald and Janet Staker to Donald, Janet and Kenneth Staker, 27.627 acres, Durant Road, Zanesville

E1347 Cheryl Takirambudde to Cheryl and Ronnie Spring, 2895 Thorn Drive, Zanesville

E1348 Donald and Janet Staker to Donald, Janet Staker and Stina Harrop, 495 Kenneth Drive, Duncan Falls

E1349 Jack Barnett to Everett and Kimberly Barnett, 819 Race St., Zanesville

E1350 Thomas Bash II to T&K Investments LLC, 71 East Main St., Zanesville

E1351 Danielle Hargraves to Danielle Hargraves and Casey Hazen, 1965 Remington Ridge Drive, Zanesville

This article originally appeared on Zanesville Times Recorder: Public Record: Muskingum County Real Estate Transfers