Public schools eliminated as polling places

Mar. 15—New polling locations were discussed at Tuesday's Glynn County Board of Elections meeting.

The good news is there will not be any more polling places in public schools, a goal election officials have been working toward for security reasons.

Election officials are in the process of drawing district lines, with plans to unveil maps for public comment.

It's likely the number of polling places, currently at 19, will be reduced by at least one and possibly two. Discussions revolved around how to consolidate polling places so ones that don't get a large turnout see increased participation with the addition of more voters.

Factors to consider include the capacity of polling places to hold machines, parking and driving time for voters.

In other business, a University of Georgia survey sent to every county in the state asking for feedback regarding elections will not be returned with all the questions answered by the elections board.

Board members agreed some of the questions are a matter of opinion. In some instances, the questions may reveal procedures that could jeopardize security such as how secure are local elections offices. Others, such as how to make elections better or safer, are probably a question best answered by state officials.

Other questions were leading and worded in such a way as to solicit a predictable response, board members said.

The board also discussed legislation proposed in the legislature in Atlanta.

Board member Tommy Clark said about 85% of the proposed legislation won't make the cut. Most failed to make it on crossover day last week.

"What does make it through will be changed so much it won't be recognized," he said.

One proposal that failed to advance was a bill to eliminate all drop boxes for ballots.

Chris Channell, director of elections, said the only drop box in the county is located in the board of elections office in Brunswick and is monitored nonstop.

"The drop box is not an issue inside the building," he said.

A date was also set for a ribbon cutting ceremony sponsored by the Glynn County Chamber of Commerce for the new board of elections office. The event is set for 4:30 p.m. April 15.