Public works crews hitching up for the first snow of the season

Nov. 15—AUBURN — Twin Cities public works departments were geared up, loaded and ready to go ahead of the expected snowstorm Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Lewiston and Auburn area is expected to get about an inch of snow Tuesday evening and a freezing rain and snow mixture into Wednesday with accumulations under an inch.

Auburn Public Works Deputy Director Scott Holland and Lewiston Highway Operations Manager Reggie Poussard said their respective departments were preparing throughout the day Tuesday, and did not expect any surprises the trucks and drivers would not be able handle.

"We're ready to go," said Poussard. "Making sure trucks are topped off, getting everything fine-tuned for tonight."

The only message both cities' departments have for their communities is this: drive slow, drive carefully, make sure your vehicles are snow-ready and leave lots of space for the plows.

"And be patient with us," said Holland. "We're business as usual right now and we'll get the job done."

Poussard and Holland said their departments are still actively recruiting to fill some vacant positions, but neither expect that to affect the efficacy of their teams' work.

"We're just going to keep our eyes open and take whatever we get, and do the best job we can to keep the city going," Poussard said.