Puppies found chained to a fence are now up for adoption. Meet Wowie and Zowie

Screengrab from the Tuscaloosa Police Department on Facebook

Two puppies found starving and chained to a fence are getting a second chance at life in Alabama, officials said.

Now, the rescued pups — named Wowie and Zowie — are up for adoption, according to the Tuscaloosa Police Department and the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter.

“Wowie and Zowie have blossomed into the most affectionate, gentle puppies who love to play,” police wrote Nov. 20 on Facebook as they shared photos of the “adorable” animals that officers rescued in October.

At the time, two Tuscaloosa officers were responding to an unrelated call and stumbled upon the young dogs “chained to a fence, without food and a water bowl swarming with flies. The 2-month old puppies had only a few feet of space to move, and were drained of energy due to severe emaciation,” police wrote.

After taking time to recover, Wowie and Zowie were in need of new homes as of Nov. 21. The pups are believed to be brothers but have somewhat different personalities.

“Wowie is high-energy and loves to show off his playfulness,” the shelter told McClatchy News in an email. “Zowie is slightly more laid back.”

Tuscaloosa, home to the University of Alabama, is roughly 55 miles southwest of Birmingham.

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