A purrfect match! Shelter pets on Tinder

It’s a purrfect match!

This animal shelter is putting lonely pets on the dating app Tinder

MUNICH ANIMAL SHELTER, JILLIAN MOSS, SAYING: "Well, quite simply, it's fun. We thought we'd join younger people -- sure, there are older ones on Tinder too - to follow a trend. This is something new, something creative which we definitely support."

The Munich Animal Welfare Association enlisted an advertising agency

to shoot portraits and set up profiles for 15 animals

(SOUNDBITE) (German) MUNICH ANIMAL SHELTER, JILLIAN MOSS, SAYING: "We had in fact several calls already of people saying they saw such and such on Tinder. We are now conducting preliminary talks and we'll then invite people. The response is insane, it's exploding everywhere."

(SOUNDBITE) (German) BENJAMIN BEILKE, SENIOR WRITER FOR AGENCY TERRITORY, SAYING: "We purposely did not take the cutest, tiniest, new-born kittens but animals that have some sort of history. I hope that these animals really find a new partner, a 'purrfect match' in the long term and not just for a few weeks. Other than that, it was important to us to highlight that there aren't only lonely souls among humans, but there are also a lot of lonely souls among animals."

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