‘Put that gator down!’ Watch a huge cannibal drag a meal through a Florida golf course

Allen McGregor/Miami Herald file/Creative Commons
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Another day, another alligator on a Florida golf course.

But a big guy last week wasn’t just hanging out on the links in Lakeland. The gator was having a full-on feast — of another gator.

An onlooker, Julie Marchillo Smith, posted the video on her Facebook page, writing, “So this happened this morning,” referring to the large reptile as “grandpappy.”

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“Oh my God!” a woman screams, as the animal stops briefly on a pathway. “Put that gator down!”

“Wow,” says someone else.

“This guy is huge,” Smith wrote, estimating the prey’s size at around six feet and the larger apex predator at around 20 feet long. (That’s unlikely as the Florida state record for length is a 14-foot, 3 1/2-inch male from Lake Washington in Brevard County in 2010.)

In the comments section, one of the social media user’s friends jokingly asked if she measured the reptiles.

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“You can figure pretty close based on the size of the road he crossed over and the fact that I was as close as I was going to get,” Smith answered with a laughing face emoji.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, adult male alligators are known to be cannibals and often kill over territory during mating season, which generally starts in April and runs through June. So this guy got an early start.