Putin calls protests demanding Navalny's release illegal and dangerous

Police detained more than 3,700 people and used force to break up rallies across Russia on Saturday as tens of thousands of protesters ignored extreme cold and police warnings to demand Navalny be freed from jail where he is serving out a 30-day stint for alleged parole violations he denies.

Putin, who avoids mentioning Navalny by name, told students on Monday that nobody should use illegal protest action to further their own political interests.

"Everyone has the right to express their point of view within the framework provided by the law. Anything outside the law is not just counter-productive, but dangerous," said Putin.

Video Transcript

INTERPRETER: All people have the right to express their point of view within the framework of the law. Everything that goes beyond the framework of the law is not only counterproductive, but also dangerous.

In the history of our country, we have repeatedly encountered situations where the situation went far beyond the law and shook our society and the state, where not only people who were engaged in it suffered, but also those people who had nothing to do with it.

All these events about which I just talked about, no one should use them trying to reach their ambitious goals and objectives, especially in the field of politics. This is not how politics is done, at least not a responsible politics.