Putin Drives Across Crimea Bridge Damaged in Explosion

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Russian President Vladimir Putin was seen driving across the bridge linking Russia to the Crimean peninsula in footage released December 5, two months after the bridge was damaged in an explosion.

Footage released by Russia’s defense ministry shows Putin, accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister
Marat Khusnullin, driving over the bridge and making stops by foot at other points.

According to Russian news outlet Tass, traffic reopened on the right side of the bridge on December 5 following repair work.

“This is our right side, right? The left one, as I understand it, is in working condition, but nevertheless it suffered a little. We need to upgrade it to perfect condition," Putin told Khusnullin, according to a machine translation of the Tass report.

On October 8, an explosion rocked the bridge in what Russia said was an attack carried out by Ukraine. Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for the explosion. Credit: Zvezda News via Storyful