Putin hasn’t lost the war, don’t laugh at Soviet-era Russian tanks, says Polish President Duda

Andrzej Duda
Andrzej Duda
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“Today they say that Vladimir Putin has lost the war, but his defeat lies in the fact that Finland joined NATO, although for many years the Finnish people hesitated whether to give up their neutrality,” Duda said.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Vladimir Putin has not lost any war. I hope he loses this one.”

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Duda said that we are currently facing a situation where the Russian steamroller is crushing Ukraine, with hundreds of people dying on the front lines every day, while Russia has over 100 million people, and Ukrainians number less than 40 million.

“Just this difference alone shows who has the advantage here. For Russians, human life means nothing. For Ukrainians, every life is worth its weight in gold. These are different cultures,” said Duda.

“Russia is a nuclear superpower with giant stockpiles of weapons — and what does it matter if we laugh at the fact that they are exporting tanks from the 1960s when each tank weighs 50-60 tons? If it moves, it will crush, regardless of whether it is modern,” he added.

Putin will lose the war when the Russian army is pushed beyond the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine, noted Duda.

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“Then we will say that they have gained nothing from the war, that their plan to subjugate Ukraine has failed, their imperial ambitions have been punished, and they have lost hundreds of thousands of people.”

“Putin’s defeat also lies in the fact that more countries have joined NATO, which is stronger than ever. Today, we cannot say the same. The war continues, Russia is mobilizing more and more, and the Russian economy is transitioning into a war footing,” said the Polish president.

According to him, through propaganda, Russia can tell people that “they must tighten their belts, and even if they are hungry, they should take pride because Russia is great.”

“Today, it is our common duty as part of the Western community, of which Poland is also a part, to support Ukraine,” he concluded.

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