Putin needs a "Ukrainian Stalingrad" National Security Council of Ukraine

Oleksii Danilov, Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council, is certain that Russian President Vladimir Putin is now seeking out vulnerable areas of the Ukrainian front.

Source: Danilov in a column for Ukrainska Pravda

Quote from Danilov: "In the war with Ukraine, Putin dreams of ‘encirclement’, a victory parade, and the title of Generalissimo of all time, and ... of his own Gulag [a network of secret high security prisons in the USSR; many inmates were political prisoners].

To achieve this, he needs a ‘Ukrainian Stalingrad’ in his frame of reference. At the very least, he wants to repeat the Debaltseve-2 scenario on the largest possible scale.

That’s why the newly minted Zhukovs [i.e. Russian generals who use their troops as cannon fodder] embodied by [Valery] Gerasimov [Chief of the General Staff of Russia's Armed Forces – ed.] are concentrating resources, pulling in reserves, restoring combat capability, and seeking out the most vulnerable areas of the Ukrainian front."

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