Putin is out of options for survival, but Russia still has chances, says former Lithuanian foreign minister

Russian dictator Putin turning 70 on Oct. 7
Russian dictator Putin turning 70 on Oct. 7

Tweeting on the occasion of Putin’s 70th birthday, Linkevicius said Russia needs to “reject nuclear suicide, inevitably transform the Kremlin, acknowledge the craziness of (Putin’s) geopolitical adventure, withdraw from Ukraine, and try to restore ties with the world. To survive for now.”

With Putin turning 70 years old on Oct. 7, in Russia it was decided not to hold any lavish celebrations in honor of the dictator in light of the Russian army’s military failures in Ukraine. It has been claimed that Putin personally commands Russia’s invasion force.

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Russia has several time now held celebrations on various occasions that coincided with heavy Russian losses on the battlefields in Ukraine.

One such occasion was on Sept. 10, when Putin opened a large observation wheel in Moscow as the Russian army treated in panic and disarray from large parts of Kharkiv Oblast.

Then on Sept. 30, as Russians celebrated on Moscow’s Red Square the claimed annexation of occupied Ukrainian territories, the Ukrainian army was surrounding the Russian invasion forces in the key Donetsk Oblast town of Lyman.

Ukrainian forces went on the liberate the town, with the Russian army retreating and taking heavy casualties.

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