Putin plans "great famine", so it is important for world to stop him as soon as possible – National Security and Defence Secretary

Oleksii Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDC), stresses that Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning a global famine in the coming years, which is why it is so important to stop the aggressor country's regime as soon as possible.

Source: Danilov in an interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Quote: "Why am I talking about turbulent processes now? The fact is that the world does not want to acknowledge a very simple thing, as when we are at war now, when the Russian Federation has attacked our country insidiously, and the processes that are taking place will be reflected in the near future on the entire world community.

What is Putin doing? Putin greatly desires to see a phenomenon called famine in the next year, two, or three. And the fact that we will no longer be able to supply as much food as we used to as a country that fed a huge number of people in the world – Putin will use this. And remember, in a year, two, or three these so-called hungry migrants will appear somewhere.

This is one of Putin's plans. That's why it should be put to a stop as soon as possible, as these are things that are absolutely clear. They are on the table. But no one is talking about them.

We are talking about destruction. Of course, it hurts us, and for us, this is the No. 1 issue, the lives of our citizens that this scoundrel is destroying. This is the destruction of our infrastructure, which they do almost daily. But there is a third issue, too.

This is a question of world hunger, which Putin plans if this issue is not put to rest now. And it's hard for me to say why the world doesn't want to understand this."

Details: Danilov spoke about the analyses presented by the NSDC to the President and the Cabinet of Ministers. As this shows, when the world reaches a population of roughly 10 billion in 2040-2050, it should be borne in mind that an additional 265 million tonnes of protein will be needed.

"The world does not know where to take them. And the more territories there are where things like what is happening today in our country will happen, the greater the challenges," the NSDC Secretary stressed.

Danilov believes that the world is still afraid of Russia, and this is a huge mistake.

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