Putin to run against three "candidates" in upcoming elections. Only candidate to oppose war disqualified

Vladimir Putin. Stock photo: TASS
Vladimir Putin. Stock photo: TASS
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Russia's Central Election Commission (CEC) has registered three more candidates for the upcoming presidential election in addition to incumbent dictator Vladimir Putin.

Source: RIA Novosti, a Kremlin-aligned Russian news outlet

Quote: "As a result of today's CEC meeting, it became clear that there will be four candidates on the ballots in the presidential election."

Details: At a meeting on 8 February, the CEC officially announced the admission of Nikolai Kharitonov (Communist Party), Leonid Slutsky (Liberal-Democratic Party) and Vladislav Davankov (New People Party) to the election. They were handed candidate certificates.

The fourth candidate is incumbent Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been "re-elected" to rule Russia since 1999 (serving 4 years as prime minister and 20 years as president of the Russian Federation).

Notably, Ella Pamfilova, the head of the Russian election commission, said that anti-war candidate Boris Nadezhdin was denied registration. The official reason given by the Russian Federation was that "the percentage of rejected signatures [in support of Nadezhdin’s candidacy] exceeded the permissible 5%".

The leader of the Communists of Russia, Sergei Malinkovich, was also denied registration, as was beauty blogger Rada Russkikh, who submitted 476 signatures in her support to the CEC instead of the 300,000 required for a self-nominated candidate.

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