Putin suggests adding preventive nuclear strike to Russian military doctrine

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has claimed that he does not rule out adding the concept of preventive nuclear strike to the Russian military doctrine.

As reported by European Pravda, he made such a claim at a press conference in Kyrgyzstan on Friday, 9 December 2022.

"Firstly, there is a preventive strike approach in the United States. Secondly, they are developing a system of a disarming strike. What is it? It means launching a strike with the use of modern hi-tech devices, which is supposed to target command points, deprive the opponent of these control systems and so on", Putin explained.

"We just added a response to our strategy – a responsive strike, there are no secrets there. What does it mean? It means a strike in response. It is when our missile warning system records the missiles launched on the territory of the Russian Federation. It records the fact that they were launched, and then, the response will follow", he added.

The Russian President supposes there is a possibility "to think about employing our American partners’ developments and ideas of establishing their security."

"If a potential enemy thinks that using the preventive strike theory is possible and we do not, then he makes us think about the threats created on the basis of these ideas in the defence sectors of other countries", he added.

Earlier, Putin claimed that in order to understand, in which cases Russia may use nuclear weapons, one must read its military doctrine.

Earlier, Olaf Scholz, the chancellor of Germany, stated that the risk of Vladimir Putin using nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine decreased in response to the international pressure. The EU has also rejected nuclear blackmail and manipulations of Russia.

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