Putting their names up on high

·7 min read

May 26—EAU CLAIRE — At first glance, Truss No. 16 may look the same as the 17 others that will soon be hoisted up high and welded in place, but this one has something special.

On Friday morning, many of the backers, boosters and builders of the County Materials Complex gathered at the construction site along Menomonie Street to add their signatures to the 200-foot-long metal truss.

kAm"%9:D :D 2? @AA@CEF?:EJ 7@C FD E@ D2J 'E92?J@F['" z:>6C2 (2J[ rt~ @7 E96 &(\t2F r=2:C6 u@F?52E:@?[ D2:5 367@C6 A6@A=6 FD65 3=24A6C>2?6?E >2C E96 7@F?52E:@?'D C62= 6DE2E6 3C2?49[ E96 @H?6CD9:A 3@2C5 E92E H:== @G6CD66 E96 4@>A=6I[ |2J@ r=:?:4 w62=E9 $JDE6>[ E96 t2F r=2:C6 4:EJ 8@G6C?>6?E[ 2C49:E64EFC6 2?5 6?8:?66C:?8 7:C> pJC6D pDD@4:2E6D[ 4@>>6C4:2= 3F:=56C |2CAj y@9?D@? 2?5 E96 F?:G6CD:EJ'D pE9=6E:4D s6A2CE>6?E H6C6 :? 2EE6?52?46]k^Am

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kAmqF:=5:?8 2 ?6H 2E9=6E:4D 724:=:EJ 92D 366? 96=A7F= :? 2EEC24E:?8 ?6H DE277 7@C @A6?:?8D :? E96 pE9=6E:4D s6A2CE>6?E] %96 ?6H 724:=:EJ 92D 2=D@ 366? 2 A=6I'D A@E6?E:2= E@ 9@DE DA@CED E@FC?2>6?ED 2?5 E96 :>A24E E9@D6 6G6?ED 92G6 @? 3C:?8:?8 G:D:E@CD E@ t2F r=2:C6 H2D 2=D@ 2AA2C6?E E@ $49>:5E 2D 96 DE@@5 :? E96 F?56C\4@?DECF4E:@? 7:6=59@FD6]k^Am

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kAmpD:56 7C@> 36:?8 23=6 E@ 7F?4E:@? 2D 2 7F== 7@@E32== 7:6=5[ E96 :?5@@C EFC7 42? 36 C64@?7:8FC65 7@C @E96C DA@CED] |F=E:A=6 82>6D @7 D@7E32==[ D@446C[ =24C@DD6 2?5 @E96C 7:6=5 DA@CED 42? 36 A=2J65 2E E96 D2>6 E:>6 3J FD:?8 5C@A\5@H? ?6EE:?8 E@ DF35:G:56 E96 7:6=59@FD6'D :?E6C:@C]k^Am

kAm%96 6G6?E 46?E6C[ H9:49 H:== C6A=246 E96 F?:G6CD:EJ'D +@C? pC6?2[ 92D 42A24:EJ 7@C 2? 2F5:6?46 @7 d[___] xE H:== 2==@H 2 =2C86 4C@H5 E@ H2E49 2 32D6[ 4@?46CE @C @E96C >2;@C 6G6?E 92AA6?:?8 E96C6] qFE E96 D62E:?8 :D C6EC24E23=6 2?5 F?56C?62E9 :E :D 2 7=@@C H:E9 E9C66 255:E:@?2= 32D6?ED]k^Am

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kAm%96 E@E2= 3F586E 7@C E96 4@>A=6I — :?4=F5:?8 =2?5 G2=F6[ 4@?DECF4E:@?[ 7FC?:D9:?8D 2?5 4@?E:?86?4J — :D S'aa]e >:==:@?] %92E AC:46 E28 :?4=F56D |2J@ r=:?:4'D 3F:=5:?8[ 3FE ?@E 6BF:A>6?E E96 962=E9 42C6 AC@G:56C H:== 36 3C:?8:?8 :?E@ :E] p ?6:893@C:?8 AC:G2E6=J\@H?65 9@E6= A=2??65 3J E96 !23=@ vC@FA :D 2=D@ ?@E :?4=F565 :? E96 7:8FC6]k^Am

kAm(2J D2:5 uC:52J E92E 4@?DECF4E:@? :D 8@:?8 ">2CG6=@FD=J H6==" 2?5 4@?E:?F:?8 E@H2C5 4@>A=6E:@? :? E:>6 E@ 9@DE E96 F?:G6CD:EJ'D DAC:?8 a_ac 4@>>6?46>6?E 46C6>@?J]k^Am

kAm$E2CE:?8 %F6D52J 2?5 6IA64E65 E@ E2A=6E6[ E96 ECFDD6D — H6:89:?8 23@FE d_[___ A@F?5D 6249 — H:== 36 25565 E@ E96 6G6?E 46?E6C FD:?8 2 >2DD:G6 4C2?6 E92E H2D >2?F724EFC65 :? |2?:E@H@4] !C6G:@FD=J FD65 @? 2 4@?DECF4E:@? AC@;64E :? v6@C8:2[ E96 4C2?6 2CC:G65 F?2DD6>3=65 :? ?F>6C@FD ECF4<=@25D 2?5 E@@< E9C66 52JD E@ AFE E@86E96C]k^Am