Q&A with Ron Felder

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Jun. 4—Ron Felder is a candidate in the Republican primary race in Aiken County Council's District 1.

His opponent is Melinda Starnes.

Voters go to the polls June 14.

Incumbent Kathy Rawls told the Aiken Standard earlier this year that she wouldn't seek reelection.

Felder is local business owner and county constable.

He also has been a police officer and a volunteer fireman.

Felder issued the following statement to the Aiken Standard:

District 1 makes up a large portion of Aiken County. Each section is unique. Each area has different situations with different issues that are important to them.

In meeting with my constituents across the district, items like having better EMS service in the rural areas with more EMS stations is a focus.

This way people in need don't have to wait so long for medical attention.

Additionally, internet service is an issue for some residents and I will work with local councils to look for solutions.

One of my main areas of focus will be to work with local city councils to look for solutions for positive growth in some of the towns like Salley, Perry and Wagener.

Finally the paving and maintenance of some of the roads in rural District 1 is something I will focus on.

Given District 1 is so diverse (rural, rural towns and communities plus close to the City of Aiken) that there are many issues to tackle, but I will be partnering with local councils to look for solutions.

It is clear that much of the rural part of District 1 has been overlooked, and I will be working hard to be sure it doesn't get overlooked moving forward in the next four years.

I will continue to work with constituents to listen to their concerns and help make their communities better.

As a (prospective) future Council member, my feeling is that once you know what the people you are serving want then the Councilperson can work toward securing the resources to make things better.