Q5: 2022 Annual OSU Poinsettia sale

Nov. 28—With Thanksgiving over and big retail shopping events it's time to prepare for Oklahoma State University's annual poinsettia sale.

The sale will be from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Dec. 1 and 2 at 318 North Lincoln Street. The easiest way to access the Greenhouse Learning Center is to turn off West Hall of Fame Avenue through the student parking lot by the electrical substation or just north of the health center off of Farm Road. There will be designated parking on the north side of the headhouse.

Dr. Bruce Dunn, Professor of Floriculture at OSU, answers questions about the upcoming poinsettia sale.

1 What does the OSU poinsettia sale support?

The sale usually generates around $10,000 annually. Roughly half the money goes toward paying for next year's crop with the other half used for student scholarships and supporting the departmental teaching program. I want to thank the community for supporting the sale, as it is a great learning experience for the students in terms of crop production and sales.

2 How many poinsettias are for sale, what are the sizes available and the costs?

My greenhouse management students grew about 1,800 poinsettias this year. Half are the traditional red poinsettias, but we also have orange, white, rose type, marble, pink, speckled, and variegated. Students grew elfin (4.5" desk size), deluxe (6" standard table size), and specimen (8" display size) this year. Prices are the same as they have been the last couple of years at $6 for the elfin, $11 for the deluxe, and $35 for the specimen size. We will accept cash, check, or credit card (with a small transaction fee). Cash or checks are preferred.

3 What other items are for sale?

I always have the students grow some "specialty crops" to give them experience with other crops besides poinsettias. As part of the class, students also grew dianthus (perennial), shasta daisies (perennial), lavender (perennial), ornamental kale, and ornamental peppers this year. The kale and lavender can be planted out now, while the others would be best enjoyed as indoor plants for now. Those crops are 2 for $5.

4 What is the best way to take care of a poinsettia?

The recommendation is to give the plants 6 hours of indirect light daily. Poinsettias do well at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer just avoid drafts or excessive heat near a vent or door. Plants should be watered thoroughly when the soil is dry or the plant starts to wilt. If there is a foil pot cover it should be removed to allow all water to drain from the pot. At my house, I probably water the plant once a week as a reference. If the plants sit in water, they will rot. You do not need to fertilize your poinsettia plant when it is in bloom, but if you want to enjoy it past the holiday season it will need supplemental fertilizer starting in February.

5 Where can people go for more information?

Visit the events section at the bottom of our Horticulture and Landscape Architecture website hortla.okstate.edu or facebook.com/OSUHorticultureLADept. — Staff Report