QAnon influencer who spread conspiracy theories and misinformation about COVID-19 dies after contracting the virus

  • Cirsten Weldon was a QAnon influencer who spread conspiracy theories about COVID-19 vaccines.

  • Weldon said she felt exhausted and unwell in the final videos she posted before her hospitalization.

  • Following her death, a QAnon influencer threatened the medical professionals who cared for Weldon.

QAnon influencer Cirsten Weldon used her streaming service and conservative social media platforms to spread misinformation and conspiracy theories about a variety of topics, including the "deep state," chemtrails, and COVID-19, which she ultimately succumbed to on Thursday, the Daily Beast reported.

Weldon, who was vehemently opposed to COVID-19 vaccination efforts, had previously recorded herself yelling at individuals waiting in line to get vaccinated and stated in a video that Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, "needs to be hung from a rope," according to the Daily Beast.

In the weeks leading up to her death, Weldon posted several short livestreams and clips of her show, "The True Cirsten W," where she coughed and stated that she felt exhausted and unwell.

"Good morning patriots, I didn't think I was going to make it. I'm sorry. I'm exhausted and I have no, I'm very, very weak. I have no strength. I haven't eaten in four days," Weldon said in a Facebook video on December 27.

Her last video was posted on the same account the next day.

Weldon, an avid social media user who typically posted several times a day, was not heard from again until December 31, when she posted a photo of herself wearing an oxygen mask in a hospital bed to her Telegram account.

She said in a subsequent post that she had been in the hospital for two days with what she claimed was "bacteria pneumonia," although she wrote that she had refused "Dr Fauci's Resmedervir (sic)" treatment after being tested for COVID-19.

Her posts became increasingly incoherent and filled with typos throughout her hospital stay. "Praying God takes me out of here soon," Weldon said in the final post on her Telegram account.

Following her death, other prominent QAnon influencers said they were too late at staging an intervention to get Weldon out of the hospital and also threatened the lives of the medical professionals who cared for her, according to the Daily Beast.

Weldon is one of several conservative vaccine skeptics who have died from COVID-19 during the pandemic, including Phil Valentine, Marc Bernier, Doug Kuzma, and Pressley Stutts.

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