Royals visit Houston's oldest Black Baptist church

Stream titles from our archives of the royals' Texas trips when Prince Philip visited.

Video Transcript

MELANIE LAWSON: I'm Melanie Lawson. It was billed as the Queen and the Baptists-- a chance for England's monarch to experience music never heard in the solemn Church of England-- gospel. And she was to taste this best of black religious tradition in the city's oldest black Baptist church, Antioch Missionary, nestled in the shadow of downtown.

But while Antioch has watched its membership dwindle over the years, today it was standing room only. First time I seen her and, I don't know, I hope I don't have to bow to her.

MELANIE LAWSON: Inside, the royal delegation got a front row seat for the 20-minute concert performed just for the Queen. But for a while, it was hard to tell if the British were very spirited about spirituals. While the rest of the room was breaking into applause and loud amens, the Queen's face seldom changed.

But in the end, she joined in the enthusiastic ovation-- clear proof that this concert was indeed fit for a queen. Afterwards, she granted a rare interview.

- Your majesty, How did like the music? How did you like the music?

MELANIE LAWSON: OK, so it's hard to make a headline out of that. But you didn't have to work hard to find out what churchgoers thought about the Royals.

- Oh, she's beautiful, beautiful. I told her I was gonna-- Hello, Queen how are you?

MELANIE LAWSON: Melanie Lawson, 13, Eyewitness News.