Queen Camilla Just Broke a Major Royal Tradition

oxford, england   may 16  camilla, duchess of cornwall visits maggies oxford to see how the centre supports people with cancer on may 16, 2017 in oxford, england during her visit hrh will meet people living with cancer and observe maggie’s programme of support in action including a talking heads session and a yoga class  photo by chris jacksongetty images
Camilla Makes Her Friends Her "Queen's Companions"Chris Jackson - Getty Images

Camilla is breaking royal tradition now that she is queen consort.

In an attempt to appear more modern, she has not appointed any ladies in waiting, BAZAAR.com understands.

Instead, a Buckingham Palace source reveals the queen consort has appointed six of her closest friends to become her "queen’s companions"—a new role created by the senior royal.

Though the position is similar to the traditional role of a lady in waiting, the source explains that none of the women will carry out administrational responsibilities or deal with official correspondence (something Queen Elizabeth II had her ladies in waiting do).

The six friends will instead be seen by Camilla’s side at future engagements or on official travel.

Some of the six women were actually amongst the 300 guests at today’s Violence Against Women and Girls reception held at Buckingham Palace, where Camilla made a moving speech in support of survivors.

Amongst other recent hires, the queen consort has also appointed Major Ollie Plunket of The Rifles as her equerry (in other words, a senior personal attendant).

The official list of queen’s companions is as follows:

  1. Sarah Troughton: former lady in waiting to the Duchess of Kent and a longtime friend of Camilla.

  2. Jane von Westenholz: long-standing friend, and the mother of Violet von Westenholz, a fashion publicist and friend of Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.

  3. Lady Sarah Keswick: longtime friend (her husband was chairman of the Arsenal soccer team for 15 years).

  4. Fiona, the Marchioness of Lansdowne: a close friend and interior designer.

  5. Lady Katherine Brooke: the daughter of Lady Susan Hussey, who was a long-serving lady in waiting to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

  6. Baroness Carlyn Chisholm: formerly a British politician and member of the House of Lords. Though she was conservative, her new role will see her become apolitical.

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