Queen Elizabeth’s reign defended Western civilization | Opinion

Frank Augstein/AP Photo

The recent death of Queen Elizabeth II, unfortunately, incited some in academia and Hollywood to not only attack the British monarchy, but condemn Western civilization. American and Anglo Western history must be explained and defended.

Western civilization defends the individual and allowed common rights through a royal charter, the Magna Carta, agreed to by King John of England in 1215. This revolutionary document transformed the relationship between the individual and the state. Historically, this document was vital in the founding of the United States and other nations that adapted this cornerstone of western culture.

The horrible practice of slavery was first abolished in Great Britain years before President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. By contrast, Saudi Arabia only ended slavery in 1962, and Christian activists fought its continued existence in Sudan as late 2002.

The concepts of constitutional governance, individual rights, free elections, and fair trials are hallmarks of Western and, historically, British governance. While many nations were brutally colonized, including by the British, the modern and positive legacy of Queen Elizabeth II and Great Britain now flourishes in many former colonies including India, Barbados, Australia, Belize, Jamaica, Canada and the United States.

By contrast, China’s communist government treats the colonized people of Tibet and Hong Kong in a brutal and genocidal manner.

Hopefully, American academics will refocus their criticism against the West and direct their vitriol against China’s current policies.

Tim Seale,


No grudges

With all due respect, to suggest in the Sept. 28 editorial, “We don’t care whether DeSantis and Biden talk, as long as they cooperate on Hurricane Ian,” that the Biden administration would fight with Florida’s governor and have that affect aid during Hurricane Ian is planting ideas that aren’t true.

Not once have I heard Biden even hint at holding a grudge with Florida or DeSantis. Biden and DeSantis have different views on policies, but it is irresponsible for the Herald to take it further.

We can only get through these massive crises united.

Annette Dion,

Gloucester, MA

Safety orders

In listening to reports tracking Hurricane Ian, I’ve been impressed that Florida officials proactively implemented mandatory evacuation orders for areas in the direct path of the storm. That elected officials would want to do everything in their power to promote safety and protect vulnerable people in the storm’s path makes sense.

How this is any different from mandating wearing face masks to minimize the spread of a profoundly deadly virus?

The cost of damage from either is incredibly high: one in property, the other in lives.

If implementing face mask requirements and other COVID-reduction measures violate one’s civil rights, why is a mandatory evacuation not a violation?

Gov. DeSantis should explain this. I hope Floridians find safety and stay well.

Eileen Dwyer,

Vernon Hills, IL

Absurdly false

Speaking at an event on Sept. 20, Gov. Ron DeSantis recently re-wrote history. He said that the American Revolution was the strongest blow against slavery.

Perhaps he failed to read the Constitution, which originally legalized slavery and counted slaves as property.

Leonard Rubinstein,


Send them north

Democratic governors are in favor of open borders and sanctuary cities. They complain when border states send illegal immigrants to their cities. If they truly believe in open borders and sanctuary cities, they should voluntarily ask the border states to send the immigrants to them.

Jay Kaba,


Vote process

No word about the inept performance of Gov. DeSantis’ voting police force. His hand-picked policemen clearly under-performed when they failed to discover that most of the felons who voted were granted permission and given voting cards, by state officials.

They were law-abiding participants in the voting process.

Yet, Miami Herald reporters easily uncovered this information. Kudos to those dedicated, intrepid reporters.

We taxpayers are funding not only an unnecessary “police force,” but one that is incompetent and, possibly, politically motivated.

Joan Kasner,

Coral Gables

Sun blocked

As an energy-efficient, clean alternative to fossil fuels, solar panels are more prevalent in homes across the United States. Yet, despite having a notoriously sunny climate year-round, less than 1% of Florida homeowners have installed solar panels.

An essential reason has been cost. FPL proposed legislation to limit the buyback of solar energy. Now, however, home-insurance companies have created an entirely new obstacle by not allowing solar panels on some policies.

Without the backing of insurance companies, how can Florida catch up with other states?

Solar panels play an immense role in achieving energy efficiency. Without common coverage standards, Floridians will be hindered from attaining its rewards.

Sam Grossman,


Crist is better

Rep. Charlie Crist has already proven he can be a good governor and protect our freedoms.

Gov. DeSantis wants to dictate what women should do with their bodies; what books should be banned; what should be taught as history; when we can say and not say gay. He abuses immigrants with fake trips. Worst of all, he wants to allow anyone to easily purchase guns. This, after we have lost children to lunatics too young and disturbed to own guns.

Crist will fight for gun control, the rights of women, respect for gays, immigrants and minorities. That is freedom and caring for us all.

Sandra Gilbert,

Miami Beach

Angry words

The Miami Herald’s Sunday In Depth section never ceases to inflame me.

It is the epitome of liberal, left-wing thought. The Open Mic section prints about a dozen letters, most of them from liberals, few from conservatives.

The Herald went south during the George W. Bush administration, although it has tilted left since the 1970s.

Brian Rock,


Worried voter

I’m a retired senior citizen fearful of what Florida has become. We need values of equality, freedom and fairness for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

We have a voice that must be heard.

Fight by voting to define a woman’s right to choose, teach our children and grandchildren the true, not bigoted or reinvented-by-omission, history of Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Asian Americans, LGBTQ Americans and everyone fighting for equality.

Fight also for a truthful, all-encompassing education for our children, not one restricted by prejudice, desire for self-approval, re-election chances and pandering to a small, bigoted base. Fight for what’s best for Florida and America.

Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sens. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio have done nothing to better Floridians’ lives.

The Republican Party has not put forth a platform, only a bigoted and biased response to all Democratic agendas.

If you are as fearful of our future as I am, vote in November to remove DeSantis, Rubio and Republican candidates.

Elect Democrats who will work for you and not personal or special interests.

Esther M. Weiner,