Queen Elizabeth has reportedly banned Meghan Markle from borrowing royal jewels

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Insiders at the palace say that claims alleging Meghan was banned from the queen's personal jewelry collection are "simply not true" and have left Harry and the rest of the royal family "not happy." 

Last month, reports alleged that Queen Elizabeth "banned" the Duchess of Sussex from borrowing jewels from the royal collection, which holds both the queen and Princess Diana's personal jewelry. It's been said that Kate Middleton has access to the jewels, while Meghan doesn't. 

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The queen's collection, which includes tiaras and other precious family heirlooms, is occasionally loaned to family members for formal occasions, but at the monarch's discretion.

Clarified an insider to Elle: "It is worth noting that the Queen lent Meghan a tiara for the wedding, gave her earrings for her first royal engagement, and had just agreed to partly fund her new household." 

"The jewelry in question is only usually worn at extremely special functions or state occasions and there simply haven't been many of those since Meghan became a member of the Royal Family," the source continued.

"It is true that Buckingham Palace did not want all the items in the Royal Collection to be opened up to Meghan at this time," explained an original quote from the Sun. "Obviously, Kate as the next Princess of Wales and a senior member of the family does have them made available to her."

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