Queen Elizabeth Saw Her First Ever Self-Checkout Machine at a Grocery Store—and Asked a Really Good Question

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Kate Middleton may be no stranger to the grocery store, but Queen Elizabeth doesn't exactly spend her weekends cutting coupons and meal prepping. In fact, she's only been to a grocery store a handful of times in her life and usually on official business. 

So when she stopped by Sainsbury's (a large British supermarket chain) in London's Covent Garden on Wednesday, it was quite the thrill. Particularly when she was introduced to a self-service checkout counter. 

That's when Her Royal Highness asked the question we've all wondered—is it possible to cheat the self-checkout machine? (Not that we would ever do it but you know…just out of curiosity.)

“And you can’t trick it? You can’t cheat then?” she asked Damien Corcoran, a regional manager for Sainsbury’s stores in the north east of England, People reports. Corcoran was showing the queen how to use the self-service counters and responded that the weighted bagging area makes sure that the right items are charged. He then added that many customers enjoy the convenience of the machines. 

“I’m sure they do,” Her Majesty replied. “Everybody wants to hurry,” she added. (Queen Liz, so wise.)

The queen was visiting a pop-up experience based on Sainsbury’s very first grocery store to celebrate the chain’s 150th anniversary. For the occasion, she donned a turquoise A-line coat with a matching hat and a floral silk dress underneath. She accessorized the look with her signature pearls, of course. Ever wonder why HRH always rocks bright colors? She does it so that she can stand out to people in the crowd and so that they're able to say, "I saw the queen." Aww…

Judging from the pictures, it seems as though the queen's trip to the grocery store was a complete success. It's just too bad she didn't ask what to do when the self-service machine doesn't recognize an item. (Come on, we've all been there.) 

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