The Queen is hiring a real-life Cinderella to live in Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle

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If you've ever thought of what it would be like to meet Prince Charming and go to the ball, Queen Elizabeth has dreamed up the perfect job for you. 

Her Majesty is hiring a new full-time housekeeper to live and work in one of her royal residences.

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While it's more likely you'll be doing the cleaning up before and during the ball (or state banquet) rather than attend as a guest, you could end up rubbing shoulders with an actual prince.

The role, which will be based at either Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle, offers a live-in option (albeit with a salary adjustment), as well as the opportunity to travel to other royal residences.

This means you'll either be living with Her Majesty at the palace, or you could be just a stone's throw away from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's home, Frogmore Cottage, which is located in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

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According to the job description on the royal household website, the successful applicant is expected to "take care of guests and work front-of-house to support functions and events."

The Queen hosts a multitude of a-list events throughout the year, from her fancy garden parties at Buckingham Palace, to state banquets which are often attended by world leaders, other royals, and celebrities.

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The applicant should also have good time-management and organizational skills.

While previous housekeeping or hospitality experience is favored, it's not actually required to bag the job. 

"We're more interested in your proactive approach and ability to tackle new challenges," the description reads.

The salary isn't listed on the advert. However, with the luxurious living conditions at Buckingham Palace, the staff seem to be living just as comfortably as their royal employers.

According to Adrian Tinniswood's 2018 book, "Behind the Throne: A Domestic History of the British Royal Household," the palace offers a staff gym, a swimming pool, a squash court, and a tennis court.

You can apply for the role on the royal household website. Applications close on September 15, 2019.