Queen's Health Systems also affected after ransomware attack strikes Kronos software provider

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Dec. 15—The Queen's Health Systems said its employee timekeeping software provider that services it's nearly 8, 000 employees statewide suffered a ransomware attack over the weekend, possibly exposing the names, phone numbers, and addresses of employees.

Queen's employs early 8, 000 employees statewide, including more than 1, 400 physicians and 1, 000 specialists according to their website.

"All of our employees utilize Kronos for timekeeping and leave requests, " said Minna Sugimoto, manager of corporate communications for the The Queen's Health Systems, in a statement to the Star-Advertiser.

Kronos does not have any employee's Social Security number or financial and banking data. Queen's officials said they have no knowledge that any personal information has been used improperly, according to a statement to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

On Sunday, Queen's was was told its workforce management solutions provider, Kronos, was hit with a ransomware attack that disrupted its employee timekeeping platform over the weekend. The ongoing outage reportedly affects more than 2, 000 Kronos Private Cloud customers, according to the release.

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Kronos is a third-party time keeping, payroll and employee management software provider that contracts with government and private companies to monitor employee hours to properly calculate payroll.

Users log into into their company or government website and mange their time sheets with no Kronos software running on customer's servers.

"The security of employee information is of critical importance to us. Within the Kronos module that the health system utilizes, there is limited personally identifiable information stored. This information includes names, phone numbers and addresses, " said Sugimoto.

Queen's officials said they do not know how long the outage will last. Paychecks will be issued this week scheduled based on each employee's standard hours. Future paychecks will be processed on time.

Queen's is working on a solution to address pay for overtime and extra shifts, officials said.

It was not immediately clear how many of Queen's 8, 000 employees are affected by the outage.