Queens Together, chefs team up to deliver meals to NYCHA residents

Volunteer chefs are cooking up hundreds of meals and delivering them to families in need throughout Queens.

Video Transcript

- Now to a story of kindness that starts in a kitchen. Volunteer chefs cooking up hundreds of meals and delivering them to families in need in Queens. Eyewitness News reporter Diana Rocco has more.

DIANA ROCCO: A gourmet meal to feed a family, and dessert to top it off. 400 hot meals are being prepared by some of New York City's most talented culinary minds, and on their way to NYCHA buildings throughout Western Queens.

- We had all this food which would have otherwise gone to waste. We put together a menu which involves fresh vegetables, rice, and the fish, of course. And a great peach cobbler.

DIANA ROCCO: Thousands of pounds of fish and peaches provided by restaurants and prepared by the executive chef at the Pierre Hotel and his longtime friend, pastry chef and co-worker, the owner of Farine Baking Company.

MICHAEL MAGNANO: Being a chef, you never should be in a position where you have people around you that go hungry, who don't have food.

DIANA ROCCO: Neuman's Kitchen donated the space where the chefs and volunteers have been busy cooking for two days.

JONATHAN FORGASH: Every dollar that we raise, we put it into the local economy by paying the restaurant to do the work, so they can pay their rent, keep their employees going, put money into the local economy. And they're doing what they do best, which is cooking for people in need.

DIANA ROCCO: All of this made possible by Queens Together, a charity started by Jonathan Forgash last year. He saw a way to help hurting restaurants and feed a hungry community.

JONATHAN FORGASH: We've either helped fund or facilitate 45,000 meals to people, our restaurants' neighbors. And we helped feed over 8,000 people every week with a food pantry over the summer.

DIANA ROCCO: By the end of the day, more than 1,500 New Yorkers will have a hot meal on their table. Since the start of the pandemic, Queens Together has been bridging the gap between hurting restaurants and a food-insecure community, and they are always looking for more volunteers.