Quest for the best: Which Charlotte-area restaurant has the best bacon, egg & cheese?

The wildly popular bacon, egg and cheese sandwich is a longtime breakfast staple for New Yorkers. Can Charlotte-area delis, shops and restaurants compete? (Getty)

It’s the perfect combination of everyone’s favorite breakfast foods. Whether it’s on a roll, a biscuit, a bagel or a croissant, it always hits three of the five food groups and never ceases to delight the palate. Of course, we’re talking about the highly venerated bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.

The bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, often referred to as a “BEC” or a “BECSPK” if you fancy a bit of salt and pepper and a spot of ketchup on yours, is a sacred staple in New York. Of course, Southerners eat them too — often on biscuits — but as hundreds of Big Apple transplants continue to settle into the Queen City year after year, the demand in Charlotte for a BEC accompanied by a Snapple, a sweet tea or coffee has never been higher.

That’s why CharlotteFive is embarking on a quest for the best bacon, egg and cheese sandwich in the Charlotte region. We’ll take the top suggested, hole-in-the-wall delis, bagel shops and restaurants and put them to the test.

If you have an idea of where the best BEC in Charlotte or surrounding areas may be, drop your suggestions below — we want to hear from you!

NOTE: We’re already familiar with popular chains like McDonald’s and Dunkin’, so suggestions like those will be excluded.