This Quick Moving Meditation Highlights the Importance of Listening

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Photo credit: Lauren Volo
Photo credit: Lauren Volo

Kristin Sudeikis, founder, CEO, and creative director of Forward__Space, is back with another exclusive moving meditation for the Oprah Daily audience. At Forward__Space's flagship location in downtown New York City and through their Virtual Hub, Kristin and the other highly trained instructors lead sweat sessions anchored in dance, music, wellness, and sweat. Each one also incorporates moving meditation, too.

“This moving meditation will be short,” says Sudeikis in the video. “Our intention is a personal mantra and also a mantra we use here at Forward__Space—and that is listen and lead."

Photo credit:  Oprah Daily
Photo credit: Oprah Daily

Through this moving meditation, you can more fully explore what it means to truly listen and to lead.

Move with Kristin

In the video above, Sudeikis takes you through a moving meditation around the intention of listening and leading. When it comes to listening, she says it's "to listen—to ourselves, what we are needing, what we're wanting, what we're desiring. And, just as important, to listen to others."

During a series of movements, Sudeikis encourages viewers to imagine peeling layers back or off—with the idea of removing "anything that's getting in the way of you being able to listen."

The moving meditation is set to a song by Briguel. As the moving meditation comes to a close, Sudeikis highlights the idea that, as you move through life, you can listen and absorb information and then lead.

Kristin Answers Your Questions

In addition to this moving meditation, Sudeikis took time to answers questions from Oprah Daily Insiders. This week, the questions revolved around listening and leadership.

One Insider admits she often listens to others more than she listens to herself and asks for advice on how she can get better at listening to her inner voice. Sudeikis says that listening to that voice is "key to understanding yourself and what you are desiring to do with your day, your week, with your decade, with your life." From there, she says that it can start with small choices. For example, if you're asked to do something and you know you don't want to do it—empower yourself to say no. "Get in a practice of knowing that this isn't in my best interest—and since it's not in my best interest, it won't be in their best interest either," says Sudeikis.

Tune in to the video above for more words of wisdom from Sudeikis on this subject, along with her answer to another important question about how to make a good first impression when starting a new leadership role.

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