Quick Takes: What are your favorite foods that you only eat during the holidays?

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Linda Miller, owner and graduate gemologist at St. John’s Jewelers

“Cooking is a family affair at the holidays. Grandma makes the most delicious turkey, I make homemade cranberry sauce, my youngest daughter makes fresh homemade green bean casserole and my eldest daughter makes pumpkin cheesecake from scratch. Everything is so delicious and takes time to make, but we treasure that time together to laugh and enjoy each other’s company.”

Carl Moore, vice president of Learning at Howard Community College

“As a child, I always looked forward to my mother’s mac and cheese, stuffing and turkey with gravy. A lot has changed since my younger days. I don’t eat meat or many carbs now and I am more interested in celebrating Native American Heritage Month alongside my family’s traditions. However, when invited to family members’ Thanksgiving feast, I never miss an opportunity to have stuffing and gravy. The taste brings back great memories.”

Minah Woo, vice president of Workforce, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships at Howard Community College

“Having come to the U.S. as a young child, I was introduced to Thanksgiving in a roundabout way,” she said. “Since then, I realized my love for sweet potatoes. My favorite foods that I only eat during the holidays are sweet potato pie and sweet potato casserole, the kind covered with marshmallows.”