Quinceañera Celebration Ends In Gunfire In Jurupa Valley; 1 Killed

A quinceañera celebration in the Inland Empire ended in gunfire with one man killed on Saturday night. Joy Benedict reports.

Video Transcript

AMY JOHNSON: Closer to home, a shooting in the Inland Empire left one person dead. It happened on Rutile Street in Jurupa Valley. CBS 2's Joy Benedict is live at the scene with the latest for us. Joy.

JOY BENEDICT: Yeah, Amy. Unfortunately, we have learned the name of the young man who died. Manuel Villaman, a 22-year-old we are told was shot and killed here late last night. I want to show you what's going on behind us, as they have removed the crime scene tape. And you can see what's left of a party. The neighbors here tell me it was a quinceanera that was here that brought so many together for the community that ended in gunfire.

I want to show you some video from late last night, as all of this happened just after 10:00. That's when investigators got the call of an assault with a deadly weapon. When they arrived, they say they found Villaman, unfortunately, who had already died here. They had another young man who was taken to the hospital, also with a gunshot wound. Their condition is unknown at this time.

Now, neighbors here in this community say it was a party just to celebrate, obviously, a birthday of a young girl. There were friends and family and neighbors all here from the community to celebrate the evening, when a couple of people got into an argument. That argument escalated and resulted in that gunfire. And the two individuals that were shot were brothers. It's not clear where the shooter is, or where that is, as far as that investigation is concerned. But certainly a very sad, sad situation out here for this community that is having to deal with the loss of a young man at this party.

And, of course, with so many young people there, that's a whole other conversation. But again, what we are learning here this morning is that, at a quinceanera party, unfortunately, a young man by the name of Manuel Villaman died. Just 22 years old. It's, of course, a story we'll continue to follow throughout the day. Amy.

AMY JOHNSON: All right. So sad, Joy. Thank you for the update.