Quincy College Graduates Get $1,000 Cash, Asked To Pay It Forward

Commencement Speaker Rob Hale gave each Quincy College graduate $1,000, but they have to give half away. WBZ-TV's Bill Shields reports.

Video Transcript


- Well, tonight, we are here for this-- a big graduation surprise for students at Quincy College. Each of them received $1,000.

- But there is a big twist here. They were only allowed to keep half, as WBZ's Bill Shields shows us.


BILL SHIELDS: Commencement day for Quincy College graduates. And as they file into Veteran's Stadium, none of them have a clue as to what's about to happen. The mayor perhaps gave them a slight clue.

TOM KOCH: Our nation needs your charity, needs your love, as you progress in your careers, in your life.

BILL SHIELDS: As the sun grew hotter and the ceremony longer, the commencement speaker took the stage. Rob Hale is president and founder of Granite Communications.

ROB HALE: If you give, I promise you, in the long run, you'll be the recipient of the positive energy.

BILL SHIELDS: Hm. Giving was becoming a theme. Then Rob Hale delivered the surprise.

ROB HALE: We're going to give you each [? of ?] $1,000 cash right now.


BILL SHIELDS: Each graduate, all 230, got $1,000 cash. But $500 had to go to someone in need.

BEATRIZ MARTINS: I'm speechless. I don't have any words to describe what emotion I feel right now.

BILL SHIELDS: And this graduate already had someone in mind.

- I have a roommate, and [? they're ?] going through a lot right now. So--

- You're [? going ?] to help the roommate.

- Yes.

ROB HALE: And it does feel like it's a great pay-it-forward. You've done a wonderful thing. Now share that with everybody else.

BILL SHIELDS: So a couple of hundred students got a great boost to start their careers, not to mention a huge incentive to pay it forward. In Quincy, I'm Bill Shields, WBZ News.

- That's about one of the best commencement speeches ever.

- That might be my favorite story that I've seen in a very long time, and to see how emotional the young students got knowing what they were doing.

- I know. And to teach them to give it away--

- Yeah.

- --was just tremendous.

- Granite does a lot of great things for a lot of people in the community.

- Yeah.