Quinoa Recipes That Make Eating Healthy Easy and Delicious

For decades, diet culture has given carbs a bad rap that they don't (always) deserve. Sure, chili cheese-covered fries and a giant bowl of tortellini drenched in sauce and meatballs aren't great for the waistline, but carbs are good, people! Of course, they taste amazing. But carbs can actually be amazing for you, too. Carbs are literally fuel for your body; that morning cup of coffee has nothing on the energy some post-workout carbs will give your muscles and nervous system, honey! With that being said, healthful carb choices make all the difference. You're going to get tons of vitamin A and good-for-you fiber if you choose to roast some sweet potatoes at dinner, but you won't get any nutrient wins from say, a piece of garlic bread. All this carby chat brings us here, to quinoa. To our keto readers, quinoa is up there on the carbohydrate scale, sorry. But it's high in protein to keep you fuller longer between meals, full of fiber to keep your digestive system happy, and it has all nine essential amino acids. Essential is a word that isn't thrown around lightly! We haven't even mentioned the vitamins and antioxidants it packs as well. These nutritional benefits are proof positive that you should be adding a scoop of quinoa to your plate. It's versatile enough that you can enjoy it as a side dish with any main, or it can be the star of the show in a quinoa salad or breakfast quinoa bowl. We're sharing some of our favorite quinoa recipes, whether you want to enjoy a quinoa salad with chicken at lunch or even a fruit crisp with a sweet quinoa granola topping. It's time to fill up the tank, y'all. These are the best quinoa recipes to get your body going.

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