Who said the most memorable quotes of 2020?

Ellen Manning
·1 min read

This year has seen plenty of unforgettable moment –- along with some memorable quotes to go with them.

From world leaders talking about the global coronavirus pandemic, to sportspeople recounting their victories or losses, to inspirational figures commenting on world events, some quotes will stick in your mind long after 2020 is over.

But while the words might ring in your ears long after the moment has passed, can you remember exactly who said what?

Test your knowledge of some of the most memorable quotes of 2020 with Yahoo’s quiz.

Our 15-question multiple-choice quiz throws some of better-known lines at you to test if you can remember who said what. Try it now to see how well you do.

* Can’t get enough trivia action? Check out our dedicated Yahoo Quizzes page for more brainteasers! *

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