Quran bookbinding thrives during Ramadan in Yemen

STORY: Location: Sanaa, Yemen

Quran bookbinders in Yemen are racing to meet demand during Ramadan

Worshippers fast from dawn over the month

and spend more time reading and reciting the Quran

Hashim al-Siraji says he gets many damaged books for restoration

[Hashim al-Siraji, Bookbinder]

“To bind a book, we begin with applying a piece of paper and another of fabric. After we apply both, we stitch it this way.”

“After we finish stitching the book with the cotton and nylon threads, we apply a leather spine using locally-made glue.”

“We then put it in the book press to keep it for 24 hours. If it is not pressed enough it will twist. We then tighten the press this way. And put it in the sun for 24 hours.”

[Ibrahim al-Zaidi, Customer]

“I came from Shibam Kawkaban district of al-Mahweet province and brought with me 47 copies of the Quran to be repaired, because some of them are damaged. And we take any damaged copies of the Quran from any mosque to be restored at our expense. During Ramadan, particularly, all people want to recite (the Quran).”