R&B singer Al B. Sure! shares health update after 2-month coma and organ transplant

Al B. Sure! is on the road to recovery.

The award-winning R&B singer, known for 1980s hits such as “Nite & Day” and “Off on Your Own (Girl),” has broken his silence after waking from a two-month coma a few months ago.


The 54-year-old Boston native, whose given name is Albert Joseph Brown III, thanked his fans for their well wishes, positive energy and prayers in an open letter this week, and released images of of hospitalization and rehabilitation.

He explained that in early to mid-July, he began to lose feeling on the entire left side of his body while sitting in front of a computer. “I fell over. Fortunately, my phone was within reach, and I was able to call for assistance.”

“I had multiple surgeries covering everything from repairing a hematoma/hernia to an organ transplant,” he revealed. “I was also placed on dialysis, accumulated excessive fluid in my lungs, fungal pneumonia, became septic, had lymph nodes removed, multiple blood transfusions, was intubated and placed on a ventilator due to my oxygen dropping down to 20%.”

The New Jack Swing music trailblazer said he is thankful to be “alive, alert, gradually healing” and added that he’s “maintaining a positive mindset throughout this healing process.”